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Beards / Re: Show us your beard!
« Last post by BigKen on Today at 01:52:22 PM »
To be or not be...Bald / Re: It's happening
« Last post by slybeard on Today at 01:01:40 PM »
You still have enough hair if you wan tot keep it longer.  I made a decision, years before my hair started thinning, that I would rather shave at the first sign, that try to conceal or live with a balding head.  So when I shaved (late 40's), no one had even noticed, but It was obvious to me that my very thick hair was thinning.  Within a 3 to 5 years, the top of may head was almost completely bald.

So take your time, and decide at what point you want to shave, and then just do it.  In the mean time, if there are any hair styles that you really want to try, do it now while you can.

It looks like you have very good beard coverage, especially for only being 21.  Facial hair, IMO, compliments a shaved head well. 

And there is nothing wrong with your head shape or forehead.  It will look fine shaved whenever you decide to do it.
To be or not be...Bald / Re: Growing back hair is difficult
« Last post by njbill on Today at 10:28:02 AM »
Growing back hair is easy......if I could only move it do my head I'd be golden
To be or not be...Bald / Re: Growing back hair is difficult
« Last post by reddog on Today at 07:52:35 AM »
Yes, several of the guys always wear a cap. So afraid to show their scraps of hair they have left. Several have commented on my shaved head, usually positive. I can tell many would like to join the sly community, but they just can't commit. If they only knew how liberating it is. If they would ask me, I would encourage them. Well, maybe when I return to sly, it will motivate someone.
To be or not be...Bald / Re: It's happening
« Last post by Alexx on Today at 07:39:01 AM »
This is exactly what I'm starting to think (and the main reason that has lead me to post this message), thank you for having shared your experience.

Every time I wake up or wash my hair I see more and more or them falling away, and that's unnerving...

Anyway First I have to deal with a bad dermatitis on the scalp (someone up there must have decided to punish me a little  ;D), I don't want to shave my head and look like a reptile.

After that I'll have to take a decisione... thanks for all your support
Safety Razor Head Shaving / Re: SAFETY Razor Shave of the Day (SOTD)
« Last post by 120inna55 on Today at 04:52:39 AM »
Tallow + Steel "Boreal"
Island Bladeworks "Bullwinkle" | TGN Finest
Ever-Ready SE | Gem PTFE

To be or not be...Bald / Re: Growing back hair is difficult
« Last post by Lenza on Today at 02:34:51 AM »
I feel you on fighting the urge to not shave. I like the feel of even 1-3 week long hair, but shaving it can make weather conditions feel really nice. Breezes, rain, wind as you're driving down the highway during the summer...

Funny that you're actually wearing hats more often. I'd never really worn a hat in my life until recently, only recently had I started to like the look of a hat on my head, which was a personal development unrelated to any hair loss revelations. I just happened to start to get into 'em, and now I love wearing 'em. It's just a coincidence that I have no hair on my head now. The hats surely didn't cause any loss and I'm not trying to hide it or anything, even though I'm sure there are guys who try and do just that.

If your car show buds are still hanging on to scraps of hair at their age, I would laugh at any crap that they give you for shaving. Especially if you still have a full head at your age. If they give you crap, you could always ask 'em why they haven't just taken the plunge themselves, if you want to playfully throw a little back at 'em. O0
Hey man, I saw your other thread with your other friend and he looked like a cool dude with or without hair. I think that it's cool that you've actually convinced a few of your friends to try out an arguably bold hair style - by getting rid of all of it entirely!

If they don't like it for themselves, it always grows back, so no worries.

Hell, shaving my head failed to inspire a single person around me to do the same. ;D Oh well.. Rock on, brother!
To be or not be...Bald / Re: 18 years of dealing with hair loss advice?
« Last post by Lenza on Today at 02:07:21 AM »
I glanced at this thread a week or so ago..

I really hope that you've done the deed since you've posted this. You're going to feel like a new man. It's going to be a very anxious but exciting period of adjustment, but it's the best thing for you to do as far as I'm concerned. Don't fret over the shape of your head. It's going to look so much cleaner and healthier when you shave it all off.

If it's been this noticeably thinned out for a few years now, I'm surprised that this is finally your breaking point? It's been doing you no favors to hold on to that hair. I think that once you can see through it, it's time to just let it go, straight up. Make sure you post the after photos, maybe with your face included this time so we can see the inevitable smile that you'll have. (At least that I hope you'll have! lol)
To be or not be...Bald / Re: It's happening
« Last post by Lenza on Today at 01:54:48 AM »
It really doesn't look bad to me. My hair is similar to yours only I think that my widow's peaks are where the hair's just gone way past where my hairline used to rest so it still looks pretty bad unless I just comb over the sides. People I know told me they didn't notice but I felt it was for the best.

I don't know about you, but my mentality was, why keep the hair when I have to worry about a rainy or windy day making it look really bad? Waking up each day thinking "how much of my hair is going to fall out today?" Wasn't worth it for me. I have neurotic tendencies, so it was best for me to just nip it in the bud in my own way.

I think you'll look great with a shaved head. It may be a look that'll take time to get used to as you've probably always had hair, but it won't take that long. And you look like you can grow a nice beard too which is a plus. Not that you need to but I think it's always a cool look in my book. Balding and beard growth seem to go hand in hand. Being signs of high testosterone and all.

And whatever your friend's and family's reactions are in the end, I think that they'll all be cool with it after the initial shock wears off. At the end of the day, you haven't changed at all. Besides your hair. If you can handle that, you'll be alright. :) Eventually, you might not have the choice, but it'll work out. I would say to make that choice sooner when it IS more of a choice. It'll make you stronger.
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