Author Topic: Why did I wait?  (Read 516 times)

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Why did I wait?
« on: April 29, 2017, 06:42:45 PM »
I knew that eventually I would be dealing with a hair issue. I committed to myself early that no matter what happened there would be no dyes, no comb-overs or strange rituals to making my hair look a certain way. When the "bridge" cut off the front little island on my head it was time to take it all off.

I'm very glad I did. My girlfriend loves it. I mean she looooooves it.

We're a kooky couple that live full-time in an RV. This keeps us mobile for Cat's work. Debt free, able to take off for the weekend at the beach or desert (we don't do cold weather) and she stays 15 minutes from the office. It's all good.

My ex loves the new look, my kids (adults now) are considering their opinions still but overall most folks haven't even noticed. I do contract work (artist) so I rarely see clients more than once after I complete the project.

I'm here to get tips on how to maintain this look, keep my scalp healthy looking and be positive encouragement to anyone thinking about taking the Big Step towards shaving it.


Love. Joy. Hope. Peace. Freedom.


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