Author Topic: Supporting teens... bad websites... painful to read  (Read 1606 times)

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Supporting teens... bad websites... painful to read
« on: January 21, 2017, 01:59:32 AM »
I came across this website, and started to read some of the posts, and I was both maddened and saddened by what I read.

Lots of teens and young guys, in various stages of hair loss (real and imagined), and was really stuck by a number of things.

1. How completely devastated some of these guys are.

2. The really AWFUL advice (some medical, some surgical) that the members of the forums are giving them.

3. The lack of support that these guys get from the medical community.

I started losing my hair at 15, shaved it at 30, and didn't look back. 52 now, and a N6 (when I don't feel like shaving). I never had anyone to turn to, and no one to ask. Was too embarrassed to ask my doctor (my dad), so I just dealt with it, myself.

I was, however never as obsessed with my hair, like some of these kids are. Some of them are, I believe potentially suicidal, as losing their hair is making them distraught (and leading to stress, which can equal MORE hair loss).

OK, so it's the internet and you are going to get everyone and their mother (father) giving DUMB advice. But when you hear of people in the medical field (dermatologists, surgeons, etc). Advising kids to get surgery (hair transplants, scalp reductions, drugs, etc). It's downright unethical.

Most men, and some women will experience some level of baldness as they age. Why are boys not being taught this in their health classes? Why are there not materials that explain this as part of the puberty/maturation process?

I live in a country (Israel) where men have always been a bit... on the "vain" side. Men of all ages seem to be hitting the gym. In Tel Aviv, men dress well, and tend to be in good shape (army service helps). Beards are REALLY in, and are well groomed. If you have hair (many don't) it's cut short, and well-styled. Unless your work in high-tech, the grunge look is NOT popular here.

Israeli men tend to go bald, YOUNG. It's a combination of genetics and STRESS (again, the good, the bad and the ugly of army service). I see young boys in uniform on the bus (21 and under) with either diffuse hair loss or various stages of MPB.

What do they do about it? Many shave. Shaved heads are VERY VERY popular here. Others buzz it close. You have the comb-over thing going on with the 60 and older crowd, but even now, you see guys over 50 shaving (military, police, politicians). I have seen some "hair loss" clinics with their creams, potions and "laser comb" bullshit. And you can get a rug here, but who, frankly wants to go out in 100 heat and humidity in the summer with a rug glued to your head.

It just pains me... if you are and adult, fine your choice. Too bad, but again, your choice. But teenagers... terrible.

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Re: Supporting teens... bad websites... painful to read
« Reply #1 on: January 23, 2017, 06:52:05 AM »
 I just wanted to pop in and say I loved what you posted about those hairlosstalk jerks, I used to be a member there back when I was actually trying to fight my hairloss. Nothing but negativity there. Glad to know slyness is accepted so much over in Israel, that's really cool. I also started losing my hair at 17,and did so much awful stuff before I accepted the sly look. Sites like that do nothing but post misinformation.

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Re: Supporting teens... bad websites... painful to read
« Reply #2 on: January 23, 2017, 08:55:47 AM »
That place is nothing but negativity and doom and gloom. I was a member there for a bout 5 minutes but got killed for telling people just to embrace the bald.
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