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Beards / Re: Tips for growing a beard?
« Last post by CTerry on Today at 12:49:42 AM »
Hey there! Start by not shaving! Beard are manly and no less than Godly. To grow a beard, you need to look out in the deep.  Just like poor diet and lifestyle can be one of the main reasons to stunt the beard hair growth. Starting with the basics, follow a proper diet, exercise regularly, this may increase the chances of growing a one naturally due to increased blood circulation, one may also ought to use beard growth products, home remedies like applying eucalyptus oil can result into beard hair growth, yet it is completely natural and effective. And, the most important thing is donít get discouraged if your beard is not growing as quickly as you like, just follow some of these steps on how to grow a beard faster and stay committed to the process.
Reactions to being Bald / Re: Reaction to be bald
« Last post by CTerry on Today at 12:32:38 AM »
Go ahead with it! You will find something new about that look.
Of course! Not! This is a myth. True for some guys out there but for some guys, it's just like a plain, white lie.
Hey Tyler, if it hasn't been asked already - how would you recommend a young guy in his early twenties respond when harassed or challenged by peers who don't think choosing the bald look was a good choice?

React with confidence in knowing that you made the right decision for you. Most of the time people are harassing or challenging you is because they are compensating for something in their life, often a confidence issue of their own.

Im with Tyler.....shaving in and of itself shows a confidence and definiteness (purposeful, deliberate, determined, resoluteness)....I've been around here for the last 11 years....sometimes SLY (shaving) sometimes not....but I have noticed a level of "respect" and "attention" when I keep it seriously "Bic'd".....that is a shade "different"....I'm 55 years old now....divorced...and there is something...not sure...but that when it comes to that certain is the deliberateness of  being shaved than clinging to scraps....that commands a level of "something" it "respect" or whatever.....

not in every situation...but whether my age or other wise....those who keep a clean shaved noggin...are also deliberate in other aspects of their appearance....I'm sort of rambling....but shaved is confident, assured and deliberate...and that's attractive...PERIOD...

30 Day Rule / Beginners Section / Re: Balder than I've ever been
« Last post by Robmeister on May 26, 2017, 06:13:34 PM »
Yeah, man....dig the challenge is to NOT procrastinate the "stubble" feeling....just do it...(self talk)
30 Day Rule / Beginners Section / Re: Balder than I've ever been
« Last post by J_1987 on May 26, 2017, 04:26:03 PM »
Haha, badder than ever?  Can't say I've had those particular words directed at me before, but I'll take them! 

As for the 30 days, I'm still going.  Not even bothering to count them as I'm already comfortable and confident with how I look, and nobody around me has done any complaining.  I feared my mum would do her fair share as she was initially against the idea when I first mentioned it, but even she's conceded that it beats the scruffy mess it would tend to descend into.  The family member I was actually most worried about was my three year old niece!  In the first year and a bit of her life I had some facial hair, and she wanted less than nothing to do with me post-shave.  Fortunately, she's my new look's #1 fan and is second only to me as far as head-rubbing goes. 
To be or not be...Bald / Re: Asking a Familiar Question
« Last post by Magoo on May 26, 2017, 02:21:30 PM »
I like the the first and second picture best. The fuller beard best. Which do you prefer?
Beards / Re: Show us your beard!
« Last post by Cave Dweller on May 26, 2017, 01:11:25 PM »
Haven't been on the SBG forum for a while. So good to see the beard activity. Here's my latest, complete with handlebar moustache.
Superb, Mr Jules!
I wish my mustache could do that!
To be or not be...Bald / Re: Time to buzz/shave?
« Last post by chrisphilly123 on May 26, 2017, 11:30:39 AM »

Getting closer, #2 on top, #1.5 sides...
huge improvement. you could easily get away with a #1 or #000 permanently. buzz it yourself and never pay a barber another dime. cheers.
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