Author Topic: First Straight Razor Shave EVER for me  (Read 880 times)

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First Straight Razor Shave EVER for me
« on: February 09, 2017, 10:46:32 AM »
Ever since I was a kid, I have LOVED straight razors. I always wanted a genuine old fashioned one with a real blade, so knowing that it was hard upkeep was always off-putting for me.
Now that I am an adult and have learned to settle, I decided to order myself the Classic Samurai Shavette.
I figured it would be a good start razor. It was only $14 on amazon, including a box of 100 razors, so there wasn't much of a downside.

To keep this short, here are some photos from my first ever shave with a straight razor.
I attached one image to this post, but the others are in this imgur link. (which i hope is allowed)
I censored the blood and such, as I cut myself getting a little too confident too fast, just in case it's not allowed on here.
I only gave myself 4 little cuts, and only 2 bled for more than a second. Various small nicks, but not that bad if I say so myself.
I touched it all up with a regular gilette at the end.

Practice makes perfect, so for the next few months, I'm sure I'll be improving.


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